About Us: The Wanderer

So what 'about us'? Well, we're a professional couple whose kids are all grown up and our early retirement achieved.

Originally from Britain, Ontario (Canada) has been our home for many years with Grand Cayman, Destin and Brisbane, Australia, as our occasional and future homes from home. We're going to spend our days wandering the world by day, savouring good wines under the stars each night, and in-between writing it up to help you plan your trips.

When we're not traveling, we love reading and the theatre (and even when we are traveling) but my favorite ways of living are writing and photography so, if you've enjoyed this site, you may be interested in reading more of the Wanderer's ramblings at Triond or ezinearticles and, for the photos, a Wanderer picture site will be added soon. Now that work is behind us, we can finally concentrate on building our websites of places we've enjoyed in the past, the Wanderer series, and which we will continue visiting over the coming years -- only now for longer stays. When we have the present sites as good as they can be, we'll build more.

If you're interested to learn how two people with no web knowledge learned to build websites, click on the 'Powered by Solo Build It' link at the bottom of this and all our pages.

Since those far-off start-up days, Solo Build It has taught us lots about building websites that work -- websites that get people's attention and hold their interest so they keep coming back, as I hope you will. 

Enough about us for now, please visit the rest of this Ontario site and also our other site -- Grand Cayman Wanderer, .

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Ontario Pictures

Ontario, Moose

Ontario, Beaver

Ontario, Algonquin Park

Ontario, Fall Colours

Ontario, Fall Colors