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Agawa Canyon Tours:
Fall Colors Photos

More Agawa Canyon tours pictures from one of the fall colours trips of 2010. This is one of the great Canadian train tours either in the fall, for the colours, or in winter for amazing snow scenes.

Heavy rains or early snow can cause flooding and land slips onto the track, which occasionally means the train can't run.

This is still pretty wild country, even in the 21st Century, so be sure to call ahead to confirm before you leave home.

This is a photos page so I'm only describing the images for the most part. This first is of fall colors as the train heads out from Sault Ste Marie early on an October morning. 

Agawa Canyong Tours, morning light on the fall colors

For the best autumn colours, you need to be here in late September or early October. It depends on the weather. If you can be flexible with your travel, call ahead and ask how the colors are developing. 

Agawa Canyon Tours, still lake and fall color reflections

The Agawa Canyon Train tour passes a number of lakes as it heads north.

On a clear, calm day, the leaf reflections seem to smoulder like embers in the water.

The reflections double the spectacle so it's the earliest part of the trip, when the air and water are still, that often provides the best views.

Agawa Canyon Tours, cottage and lake amid fall colors

The lakes this far north have much fewer cottages than lakes nearer Toronto and busy southern Ontario.

This is 'cottage country' as it used to be fifty or more years ago. In this photo a cottage and dock nestle in a quiet backwater awaiting next season. 

Getting to these cottages often means using a floatplane, or boat, or the Algoma Central Railway train.

Agawa Canyon Tours, park sign

The Park, we're told, has plenty of wildlife but we didn't see any. According to the train staff, it's because the noise of the engine scares them all away.

They may have a point. A freight train passed through the canyon while we were there and the noise of its diesels, and the clanking, grinding of metal-on-metal, echoed around the canyon. It was enough to frighten humans and we know what it is. 

Agawa Canyon Tours, fall colours and lake

By late afternoon the sinking sun casts a reddish glow over the leaves and casting many of the lakes into shadow. It's a beautiful, restful twilight time so different from the bright golden morning light.

The train that runs for Fall and Snow tours in autumn and winter also runs a scheduled service through the canyon to towns farther north. 

The scheduled service stops in the canyon also but only for about 30 minutes.

The scheduled service does, however, give a better sense of life in the north where these trains are the lifeline for many communities than you'll get on an Agawa Canyon tours train where visitors are the overwhelming majority of the passengers.

Like the Polar Bear Express to Moosonee, the regular service stops to pick up and drop off travellers by request -- often at places where there doesn't seem to be any sign of habitation at all. 

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