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Algonquin Moose:
Wildlife Spectacle

This Algonquin Moose page is just for photos of moose seen in Algonquin Park.

Every spring, as the snow and ice retreat, the road through the Park, Highway 60, is the setting for an unusual spectacle.

Normally, these large animals are shy of people (with good reason) and even more wary of roads but we humans have done something they really love.

We salt the roads in winter and, after their long winter with little to eat, moose need salt. Lots of salt.

Algonquin Moose - Best Time to See Them

Algonquin Moose, Algonquin Provincial Park in spring time

So all along the marshy roadsides of Hwy 60, particularly in the early morning and late evening, the moose come out to get their salt fix.

Algonquin Moose, Algonquin Provincial Park in spring time

Starting in mid-May the moose begin appearing at the roadside. At this stage, their antlers are just bumps or buds on their heads.

As the weeks go by, the buds sprout into the impressive head gear we're familiar with from photos and movies.

Algonquin Moose, Algonquin Provincial Park in spring time

This one's antlers are growing nicely. They're still covered with a fur-like fuzz at this stage.

Once the antlers are fully grown, the fuzz is cast off, leaving the bony horn exposed and ready to be tested in battle.

Algonquin Moose, Algonquin Provincial Park in spring time

This moose, and the moose below, seem to young to grow antlers or possibly they're females.

The difference between antlers and horns, in case you've wondered, is that horns are permanent once grown and antlers are shed at the end of the year and grow again the following year.

Algonquin Moose, Algonquin Provincial Park in spring time

If you make this trip to see the moose be careful as you're driving, particularly when the light is low at dawn and dusk. These are big animals and they cross the road frequently; you don't want to meet one accidentally.

An even more dangerous beast, however, is you and your fellow motorists when you, or they, brake suddenly to pull over and take a photo or, having stopped on one side of the road to take a photo, suddenly dash across the road when something catches the eye over there.

Autumn or Fall Colors - Another Good Time for Moose Sightings

Algonquin Moose, Algonquin Provincial Park in autumn

Just to show it isn't only in Spring you can see Moose in Algonquin Park. This was taken when we re-visited the Park for a Fall Colors tour.At this time of the year, the male's antlers are fully grown, hard and bony -- just what he needs for 'rutting'; that is, the annual battle for dominance and females to breed with.

For more information about Algonquin Park, see our Algonquin page. For more Ontario animals, visit our page of Animals Pictures.

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