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Royal Botanical Gardens Images

More botanical gardens images to soothe the spirits of weary workers. As you leave the tunnel (under Plains Rd) from the main gardens, this is the sight that meets your gaze.

As I said on the main RBG page the gardens had a rare Wollemi Pine exhibition, a tree from the Jurassic Period and thought to be extinct.

Then four survivors were found in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales in Australia -- Conan Doyle's 'Lost World' wasn't so far fetched after all it seems.

The world's botanists have set out to grow more of them and keep the species alive, which is why we have some in Canada, though they have to live indoors here.

Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Ontario, baby wollemi pine - a plant once thought to be extinct

The world's botanists have set out to grow more of them and keep the species alive, which is why we have some in Canada, though they have to live indoors here.

Anyhow, on the day we visited, the Wollemi palm tree was recovering in a tropical house somewhere (Canada probably isn't a great place for tropical plants to thrive) and this 'baby' Wollemi pine was standing in -- that's what the sign in the bottom left says, in case you're having difficulty reading it:-)

As we are now expanding the number of Jurassic trees to bolster the few in the wild, it seems Michael Crichton's 'Jurassic Park' isn't so far out either. It's to be hoped we don't find a dinosaur somewhere as well.

Botanical Gardens Images -- Borders Plants

Royal Botanical gardens, Hamilton, Ontario, border plants

More familiar flowers and plants are exhibited in the RBG's 'border plants' beds. These are the ones we all grow in our gardens only here you have not only the usual varieties but mane you and I have probably never heard of. Some are old and no longer commercially grown and others are new varieties just being introduced.

It's a great place to get ideas for next year's planting in your own garden.

Botanical gardens - Wildflowers Section

Royal Botanical Gardens wildflower garden

With the advent of herbicides into the countrysides of the western world, wildflowers have declined in the 'wild' so it's good that botanical and other gardens are starting to grow them.

They aren't usually the showiest flowers, because no one has been cultivating them for the past few thousand years, but they generally have scent. This is particularly true of Milkweed, a wildflower/weed here in Ontario.

I don't know why Milkweed hasn't been used commercially for perfumes as the scent is marvellous and it's the favorite flower of Monarch butterflies. Well worth adding to your own garden of you live around this part of the world.

Botanical Gardens - Roses

Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, rose gardens

Roses have been popular since humans began keeping plants, I think. They were probably one of the first flowers we cultivated because they were so useful, providing scent, edible petals and protection for other things we grow (like grape vines).

They're certainly popular with gardeners. The botanical gardens has a wide variety and the scent from the blooms on a summer afternoon is worth the trip alone.

Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton - Laking Gardens

Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Laking Gardens

This overview is of Laking Gardens in summer, a wonderful place to stroll and smell the roses.

To learn more about the RBG, visit them here.

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