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Distillery District Toronto

Distillery District Toronto is a modern urban village of restaurants, art and photo galleries and gift shops built in the shell of the now closed Gooderham and Worts whisky distillery.

The original distillery dated from 1832 though most of the buildings that are in use today date from later in the Victorian era.

Those are so good, however, they are regularly used in film shoots for period settings.

From the red brick cobbled streets to the white limestone buildings, and some red brick ones too, the district is a unique remnant of a bygone era -- the one when we in the West actually made and sold things to earn our living:-)

Toronto's Distillery District, the Gooderham and Worts building

(For modern visitors, there are signs warning that the streets are uneven because apparently we're too dim to spot that for ourselves -- or so some foolish lawmakers and judges have decided down the years.)

This photo shows the main G & W distillery building with the old boiler chimney in the background.

The district is so authentic, you expect Charles Dickens' characters to appear around each corner.

And, of course, at particular times, such as the Christmas Market, you do see people in Victorian/Edwardian costume to make the scene more authentic.

The Christmas Market is a busy time here, particularly when the the evening comes on and the stalls are all lit up.

Distillery District - Street Art

The buildings may be old but the street art, however, is very modern and some of it is also a kids play area, as you'll see if you look closely in this photo. The stores are also modern, though they stress the old-fashioned authenticity of their products.

For shoppers, this is an upmarket place with almost everything having a creative, artistic slant whether it's furniture, furnishings, or gifts. This the place for the smart and unique.

Distillery District Toronto is very English-Canadian in its original appearance, however, the outdoor cafes tables and chairs set out on the cobbles during the summer gives the Distillery District a very European feel -- more Turin perhaps than Toronto.

More street art, as I said - very modern. Depending on your feelings toward spiders, you may or may not want to sit out at this cafe!

The district is also home to one of Toronto's first modern micro-breweries -- The Mill Street Brewery. The brew their own range of beers that include lagers, ales, and stouts. A great place for a meal as well as a drink. I can recommend their breakfast!

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Distillery District Toronto -- Getting About

One really neat way to see the district is to take a Segway tour with a guide. These motorized scooters can be rented in the area and are great.

They gave me the feeling of being in 'the Village' with The Prisoner, in the best possible way I mean - exciting rather than creepy! I don't know why I felt that because there were no Segways about in those far off 1960's days, but I'm sure if there had been 'Number 6' have used one for yet another futile attempt to escape.

The Distillery District is also the site of Toronto's annual Christmas Market, which runs from the last week of November until the third week of December.

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