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Dragonfly Pictures from Ontario

Dragonfly pictures from Ontario. Not a big part of anyone's vacation admittedly, unless you're a naturalist, but they do add color to the provincial scenery, particularly around the edges of lakes and over wetlands.

Blue Dasher dragonflies, like this one below, hover over the quiet edges of lakes and pools throughout Ontario searching for insects.

I'm a big fan of dragonflies because they keep down the mosquitoes, gnats and the many other stinging and biting bugs that plague us in the summer months.

Dragonflies spend most of their lives under water as 'nymphs', a kind of caterpillar stage for them. The flying phase is only their final incarnation where they briefly mate and, when the summer is over, die.  

Dragonfly pictures, blue dragonfly in Ontario

Dragonfly pictures, red dragonfly in Ontario

This red dragonfly is probably a Red Meadowhawk.

Dragonfly pictures, widow skimmer dragonfly in Ontario

With it's wing bars, the skimmer is an easily recognized and very common dragonfly in Ontario. There are a number of different kinds of skimmer in Ontario, this one is probably a Widow Skimmer.

Dragonflies need water for all their stages of life so Ontario, with its thousands of freshwater lakes, is an ideal home for them. If you're a naturalist with an interest in them, Ontario in summer is a great place to visit.

Dragonfly pictures, black saddlebags in Ontario

These dragonflies are called 'Saddlebags', from the bag-like markings on their wings, and they're among the larger of Ontario's dragonflies. They're also one of the few large dragonflies that stay still long enough to have their photo taken.

Of the three varieties in Ontario, the black, red-mantled, and Carolina Saddlebags, this one is probably a Black Saddlebags.

Dragonfly pictures, black saddlebags in Ontario2

A beautiful photo of a Black Saddlebags dragonfly, this one courtesy of Larry Morrison, to add to our Dragonfly pictures.

The dragonfly hung around on Larry's garden table long enough for him to take this picture with his regular pocket camera, a Dimage X60.

Dragonfly pictures, Darner dragonfly in Ontari

Another common species of dragonfly in Ontario are the 'darners'. This one is probably a Fawn Darner.

If you do like dragonflies, you may also be interested in butterflies. Why not visit our page of Ontario Butterflies.

Or, alternatively, if you'd like to learn more about dragonflies in Ontario, visit this site of Ontario Dragon and Damselflies

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