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Fall Photos:
Ontario, Canada

This page is all about fall photos. Autumn is Ontario's most colorful season and perfect for digital images.

What makes this part of the world so good for fall colors is the large number of maple trees, the clear dry sky and air, and the sunshine. All too often on the north-east coast of North America the cloudy, wet weather and dampness spoils the view.

Among the bushes in Ontario's forested areas and roadsides, sumacs provide the most and best autumn colours.

They vary from bright scarlet in the early days of fall to deep purplish red, as you see in this mid-autumn photo below.

Fall colors in Durham Region, near Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Here's a simple woodland scene of sumacs, birch and maples, each a different shade of red.

Reds predominate in Ontario though you will see lots of golden yellows too.

I have lots of yellow leaves on my fall colors pages but reds are the majority out in the forest.

Fall colors in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Now a city scene, University Avenue in Toronto.

The most vivid colors come from the Sugar Maple trees, trees that also give us a popular product -- maple syrup. When you have two desirable attributes, you're popular -- even if you're a tree.

Maples line the streets of most older Ontario towns and provide a brilliant show once September rolls around.

Fall Colors in Ontario, Canada

Where there's a stand of trees you get a broad brush of color, as in some of the photos below. And they're what people travel miles to see.

Sometimes, however, as in this tree near Haliburton, Ontario, its a single tree of particularly vivid color that catches the eye.

And if the colors are reflected in a still lake, it makes the perfect picture.

Fall Colors near Dorset in Ontario, Canada

Fall colors near Dorset Tower, Ontario. Dorest Tower is an old firewatch post about a hundred feet high on top of a hill above the town of Dorset. 

Today, it's open to the public to climb for incredible views over the surrounding country.

Be warned, however, the steps are open-grate metal and the tower is not enclosed. Climbing it makes my knees weak so any one who doesn't like heights should stay on the ground and use the hilltop lookout beside the tower.

Fall Colors near Haliburton in Ontario, Canada

The poet described autumn as the 'season of mists and mellow fruitfulness' and so it is. This morning mist rising from a marsh is near Haliburton.

Ontario's wetlands are frequently misty in the dawn and dusk in all the warmer seasons.

Fall Photos from Durham Region in Ontario

Fall colors in Durham Region, near Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Starting mid-September around Algonquin Park and the regions north of the Great Lakes, maple trees begin to change from their summer green to vivid red or yellow leaves.

Fall colors in Durham Region, near Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The results are stunning, a rolling wave of colour spreading southward across the north-east of the continent.

Fall Colors tours are the order of the day and every road is taken up with cars and buses pulled over to admire or photograph the trees. Our Fall Colors Algonquin gives you some idea.

Here's another page of colors' photos. One of the best ways, and best places, to see Ontario's Fall Colours is from the Algoma Central train that visits Agawa Canyon each autumn, visit our page here.

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