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Niagara Falls' Festival of Lights

Niagara Falls' Festival of Lights is one of the premier Niagara Falls attractions and fits in with the season of Christmas Lights, brightening Ontario's long winter. I've updated the photos for this year's show.

These images are from past years with updates from this year's show. For future years, see the festival's own website using the link at the bottom of the page.

The American Falls face the lights and have little spray so they reflect the colors much better than the Canadian or Horseshoe Falls. 

The lights are shone on the water from the Canadian side and pick out the water flowing over the falls.

The best show is almost always on the American Falls because of the position of the lights, which are facing the American Falls directly and only quarter of a mile away. The distance and angle to the Horseshoe or Canadian Falls is considerably greater.

Click on and image to see the larger size (for many images).

Niagara's Festival of Lights -- The Falls

Niagara Falls Festival of Lights American Falls
Festival of Lights, Lights and spray around the Horseshoe Falls, or Canadian Falls as we Canadians prefer to call them

The Canadian Falls are the ones most people think of when they talk about Niagara Falls.

They're the bigger, more impressive of the the two waterfalls. However, the plume of spray that keeps us all cool in summer reduces the impact of the light show on 'warmer' winter days.

On really cold days, there isn't any flow over the falls to cause a spray and the light show is spectacular. 

Festival of Lights -- Animals

Festival of Lights, Moose and bison are Canadian stalwarts
Niagara Falls Festival of Lights Bison
Niagara Falls Festival of Lights Moose

This moose and bison welcome visitors to the Duffin's Island Park section of the Festival. It's nose-to-tail traffic along here because it's a single lane going one way.

That's the bad news but the good news is you've time to get out and take photos or just sit and admire the view. Colored lights reflecting from the snow make a pretty picture. 

Niagara Falls Festival of Lights -- Wolf

Festival of Lights, fox and bobcat are two more popular Canadian animals

This part of the Festival has a wildlife theme, in this case a fox and lynx or bobcat. You can see photos of both on our Muskoka Wildlife page.

Not all the wildlife was alive today; however, there were quite a few dinosaurs. 

Festival of Lights, drive through Duffins Park

Duffins Island has the highest concentration of lights in the Festival.

This photo is a view along the route drivers take as they wend their way through the park

Festival of Lights, whale and dolphins

This blue whale should feel right at home among the snow and ice as their home is up in the Arctic ocean.

See our Moose Factory - Moosonee page for a closer look at Ontario's Arctic north. 

Festival of Lights, Noah's Ark and Canadian animals.

Noah's Ark nicely links the animals and biblical theme for in these Christmas Lights. 

The Festival of Lights is one of the more popular of Niagara Falls' attractions, particularly as it's the main event for the winter season. Niagara's casinos, of course, continue with a weekly show of celebrities from show business and the music world.

Festival of Lights -- Others

Niagara Falls Festival of Lights -- Trees
Festival of Lights, icy trees lit with blue lights

These trees covered in blue lights mimic the trees all around covered in real ice and they make the whole road glow.

Between the trees, you can see the line of cars and get an appreciation of how popular Niagara Falls lights are.

Niagara Falls Festival of Lights -- Ferris Wheel and Fountain
Festival of Lights, blue fountain and ferris wheel

This colorfully blue lit fountain makes a good foreground for the brightly lit Ferris Wheel in the town behind.

The amusements run throughout the festival and the wheel is, of course, a popular way to see all the lights without sitting in line.

Festival of Lights, lighted horse and buggy

A popular way to see the lights is by one of the horse drawn carriages that carrying visitors around Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake.

During the festival, the buggies are themselves lit with lights, which makes them easier to see for car and coach drivers and also adds to the colour of the evening.

Festival of Lights, Ferris Wheel
Niagara Falls Festival of Lights -- Bow
Niagara Falls Festival of Lights -- Casino
Niagara Falls Festival of Lights -- Fallsview Casino

Even when the festival of lights is over, you can learn about the next one by visiting their web site WFoL for the dates for the next season.

Niagara Falls Festival of Lights -- Blue Fountain
Niagara Falls Festival of Lights -- Blue Street lights
Niagara Falls Festival of Lights -- Red Fountain
Niagara Falls Festival of Lights -- Green Fountain
Niagara Falls Festival of Lights -- Welcome

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