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Haliburton Highlands:
Cottage Country Charm

Haliburton Highlands, Ontario is one of the principal ‘cottage country’ destinations for urbanites of the Greater Toronto Area and other major Ontario centers. Cottages encircle the shores of Haliburton regions’ many lakes while more cottages nestle among the woodlands and hillsides.

The weather information above is from the nearest weather station I could find to Haliburton.

Many resorts, large and small, also make Haliburton their home. Here are some to try:

Haliburton Heights, Ogopogo ResortSir Sam's Inn or the Delta Pinestone Resort 

Haliburton was founded in 1800's by a London (UK) society for settling willing emigrants in the New World.

Considering how cold the final decades of that century 1800s were, it’s a wonder any of the settlers survived or stayed.

But stay they did and created the area as it is today, a pleasant wooded landscape dotted with small farms, hamlets and towns.

Rainbow at Haliburton Highlands

Haliburton Highlands weather is what you’d expect from a holiday spot in north-east North America, hot and sunny in summer and cold and sunny in winter -- ideal for summer water sports and winter snow sports.

In the spring and fall, as the hot and cold airs above fight it out, the weather is best defined as mixed, with bright hot sun one moment and wintry showers the next. This rainbow brightened one of the wintry showers during our stay.

It also made us wonder what sort of images they were getting on that satellite TV dish:-) 

Old locomotive at Haliburton village, Ontario, Canada

In the old days, up to the 1950’s anyhow, the main road to Haliburton for most folks was the railroad. Unlike the Muskokas, water transport wasn’t a big feature of your Haliburton Highlands vacation because there aren’t so many big lakes, though there are plenty of small ones nestled among the hills for summer water sports. With the growing number of cars from the Sixties on, roads have been opened up to the region and the railroad is gone, leaving this engine as a reminder of those days when travel was a more communal affair, where friendships made on the trip alone could blossom into a lifetime’s pleasure.

CF-100 fighter jet at Haliburton village, Ontario, Canada

Another ‘blast from the past’, this CF-100, also welcomes visitors to Haliburton. The CF-100 was made by Avro at its Toronto works and formed the backbone of Canada’s air force fighter fleet from 1953 to 1962, when it was to have been replaced by the Avro Arrow. That story has its own books and sites. The CF-100 continued flying for the RCAF up to 1981, in non-military capacities.

You can see another CF-100, this time indoors and restored to almost as-new condition at our Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum page. 

ArtPark figure at Haliburton Highlands, Ontario, Canada

Haliburton is also home to Sir Sandford Fleming College. Fleming was the man who, back in the early Twentieth Century, championed the cause of time zones for the world so we could manage long distance transport more effectively. He was thinking about ships and trains, rather than planes but his concept is fundamental to our modern ability to jet around the globe, for which this modern traveler will be forever grateful. The college has an art school and they have provided a woodland walking tour of outdoor sculptures in the 'College Artpark', like this one, for visitors to enjoy.

The artpark is on a cross-country ski trail for winter visitors and Haliburton Highlands has a number of other winter related activities, Sir Sam's downhill ski resort is here and there are many snowmobile trails passing through the area. Haliburton also hosts an annual dog-sled race as part of the Ontario circuit. 

Gray Wolves at Haliburton Wolf Centre, Ontario, Canada

The sculptures are fun to meet in the woods. These Gray Wolves would be less so but fortunately their part is fenced off from the rest of us.

Our Wolf Centre page provides more about the Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre at Kennisis Lake.

The wolves gather daily around noon for feeding and, unknowingly because the visitors are behind one-way glass, visitor photos. The rest of the time they’re out in the wilderness centre’s extensive forest, hunting for their other meals.

Haliburton Lake and Cottages, Ontario Canada

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