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Haliburton Wolf Centre:
Haliburton Forest, Ontario

The Haliburton Wolf Centre, or more correctly, Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve Wolf Centre, is on Kennisis Lake about 30 minutes drive north of Haliburton village.

The Wildlife Reserve has been in operation since 1962, though the Wolf Centre is quite recent -- as late as 1996, when a Gray Wolf pack was brought here from Michigan.

The beauty of the centre, from a visitor's point-of-view is that it's one sure place where you'll see wolves in the wild. In regular parks, it's a matter of luck.

Haliburton Wolf Centre, gray wolf

Entrance to the Wolf Centre is reasonable for adults and less for children (use the link below to get latest details). There's also a family package. Opening hours are 10 am to 5 pm and last entrance is 4:30 pm every day from Victoria Day (around May 25th most years) to Thanksgiving (October, in Canada).

In winter, for Ontario that's from Thanksgiving to Victoria Day, the centre is only open on weekends. 

Haliburton Wolf Centre, gray wolf family

Wolves are very affectionate with family members and like to 'rough-house' a lot, as you can see from this and the next two photos, if the wolves at Haliburton are any guide.

Ontario has three wild members of the dog family, to see all three together for comparison visit our page of Animals pictures

Haliburton Wolf Centre, gray wolves rough-housing

They are fed road-kill, for the most part, deer or beaver, which are their natural food prey in the wild.

Speaking of 'wild', don't imagine that because these wolves are in a research center they are tame. 

Haliburton Wolf Centre, gray wolves

The center staff and visitor centre building have the minumum impact of the pack as they possibly can.

Feeding is necessary only because the area they have available to them  for hunting isn't actually big enough to maintain a wolf pack. They normally hunt over a huge territory, which, of course, the centre doesn't have. 

Haliburton Wolf Centre, wolves in the snow

One good reason to visit the Centre in winter, as we did, is that wolves are more active in the colder months. In the heat of summer, they tend to hang out in the shade and keep cool by doing very little, so the staff assure me. 

And, I guess, having leaves on the trees would make them harder to spot as well.

If you've enjoyed this glimpse of the Haliburton Highlands area, you may want to visit our page --Haliburton Highlands or visit the Centre's own website at Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Centre. 

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