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Images Toronto:
More Cityscapes

Images Toronto continues where Toronto Cityscapes left off, providing more pictures of Toronto, old and new, familiar and perhaps unfamiliar.

One of the things I like about Toronto is that many of its new buildings are exceptionally good to look at.

Not only are their shapes attractive, their architects have made good use of colors -- sometimes. perhaps. ironically such as the gold-infused glass of a downtown bank headquarters.

Other cities I visit don't seem to have the same elegance when it comes to modern buildings, too many look like up-ended shoe boxes.

Images Toronto - Public Buildings

Images Toronto: Old City Hall in winter

This is Toronto's Old City Hall's clock tower, backed by a modern glass downtown tower, on a hazy, wintry afternoon just as the lights are just coming on.

Situated as it is on the low-lying shores of Lake Ontario, Toronto is a misty place to be in spring, fall and the early days of winter before the temperature drops below zero and stays there till spring.

Images Toronto -- Sports and Culture

Closed Skydome from the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada: images Toronto

The Skydome is Toronto's premier stadium for sports that can't tolerate bad weather, like baseball.

The thick bands across the top of the building are the retractable roof that allows for open-air play on good days and dry indoor weather on bad days.

Roy Thompson Hall from the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada: images Toronto

Roy Thompson Hall is the home of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

This view from the CN Tower shows perfectly its unusual bell-shape. A bell without a top or clanger, of course.

The bell-shape enhances the acoustics of the building, which are certainly excellent.

Religious Buildings

Roy St George's Church in Toronto, Canada: images Toronto

This ivy covered steeple, the grounds, and the church hall are all that's left of St. George the Martyr church in Toronto.

It burned down, years ago, and now stands as a picturesque, elegant ruin just off University Avenue.

The lamp post in the foreground gives the scene a very 'The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe' feel.

Buildings for learning and Education

Ontario Centre for Art and Design (OCAD) in Toronto, Canada: images Toronto

If you've ever thought artists and designers never got beyond crayon at school, you're not alone.

The architect for the Ontario Centre for Art and Design had some fun with this box with pencils, or are they crayons, spilling out from it.

It's one of those fun buildings that either works for you or it doesn't. You either love it or hate it. I think it's fun but wouldn't want to live or work in those buildings below.

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