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Landscape Photos:
Ontario's Many Moods

Landscape Photos of Ontario is where we'll place photos that show the province in all its moods, sunny, stormy, wistful, sad and sometimes just plain happy and cheerful.

Spring and autumn tend to provide the sunniest, most cheerful pictures -- though you can see lots of happy people on a fine winter day at the ski slopes and some pretty sad scenes on a wet spring day.

Fall, or autumn, is always a bit of both; the riotous colors of maple leaves or the foggy gloom of a northern wetland in November.

Having made you excited with promises of cheerful pictures, I'll start with wistful end of winter scenes.

Remember to click on any photo to see the gallery of larger size images.

This first trio of photos could be called Old Forest and New Forest.

Landscape Photos of Ontario -- Autumn or Fall

Landscape photos, Ontario autumn forest scene

Here bare trees cast long shadows over the leaf-strewn path on an early Ontario winter day.

Landscape photos, Ontario autumn forest scene

A somber picture of an old wood in winter. The morning sun throwing long shadows across the leaf strewn land.

Landscape photos, Ontario's new forest scene

Ontario is famous for its trees and rightly so for the forest covers much of the province. In places though, a new forest is taking over.

Here electricity pylons head off into an early winter morning mist.

Ontario Landscape photos, fall colors, lake and goose

Here's a more traditional autumn in Ontario photo of a solitary goose drifting on a quiet lake seen through fall colors.

This is the time of year when our lakes really shine, as mirrors for the autumn leaves.

Winter Landscapes

Landscape Photos - Ontario, Canada --ice storm and snow

Snow, ice and clear blue skies make Ontario's winters beautiful, sometimes:-) They do tend to mess with the morning and evening commute for the folks who live here though.

For visitors, they mean better skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling or other winter pursuit.

Landscape Photos Ontario, Canada - snowmobiles and icefishing on a wintry lake

A winter lake with its inevitable profusion of snowmobiles and icefishering huts and anglers.

You have to go a long way north and deep in the bush to escape these two winter sports.

Landscape Photos Ontario, Canada -- windswept snow

Snow, shaped into waves by the wind, blankets the edge of a wooded area.

Summer Landscapes

Landscape photos, Ontario summer storm

This summer storm, brewing after the heat of the afternoon, provided spectacular cloud formations lit by the golden evening sun.

Landscape Photos Ontario, Canada -- river valley

You don't have to go far from Toronto to see rugged scenery.

This is along the Seaton Trail just east of the city in nearby Pickering.

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