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Map Ontario Canada

Map Ontario Canada provides a 'big picture' location of Ontario in Canada and North America. 

The difficulty is Ontario is huge so the map is small; however, like all Google maps you can scroll and zoom. That should allow you to narrow down your area of interest.

Most of Ontario's population lives in a line from Barrie to Ottawa, toward the bottom of the map.

With the exception of a few cities like Sudbury, Thunder Bay, or Sault Ste Marie, the north is empty and a haven for outdoorsmen and women of all types.

Map Ontario Canada: Courtesy of Google Inc.

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To give you an idea of the distances involved, driving to Sault Ste Marie from Toronto will take you about 10 hours; from Toronto to Ottawa (and the Quebec border), about 6 hours; from Toronto to Windsor and Detroit, about 4 hours, and from Toronto to Niagara (and the border with the USA at Buffalo or Niagara Falls NY), about one hour.

All times are based on using major highways where possible and not in summer during cottage country 'rush hours', which occur on Friday afternoon and evening for the outbound trip and Sunday afternoon and evening for the return home. Monday mornings can be busy too so drive mid-week if you're visiting Ontario in summer.

Finally, to go from Toronto to the Manitoba border, you'd need about 30 hours of steady driving. It's better to fly into 'The Soo' and go from there.

Note: you can't drive to the far north because roads stop with Highway 11, part of the Trans-Canada Highway, up around Timmins.

After that, it's all light aircraft except for the Polar Bear Express train to Moosonee. But that's still way better than the old days, when it would have been by canoe!

For a wider perspective, pan right for Quebec and eastern Canada or pan left for Manitoba and western Canada. Panning down takes you into the US border states, panning up takes you into Canada's arctic and part of what used to be the North-West Territories, now split into three. The part directly north of Ontario is now called Nunavut.

For maps of Ontario's largest city, Toronto, visit our page -- Toronto Street Maps. For a map that lies somewhere between all of Ontario and just Toronto, visit our page -- Southern Ontario Map. 

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