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Moosonee Photos:
Moose Factory and Moose River Too!

Moosonee photos is a page dedicated to images of the area around the two small northern towns of Moosonee and Moose Factory.

The Moose River dominates the landscape and the lives of the people.

It's the reason the two small towns exist and it's also their window on the wider world.

Hudson's Bay, James Bay, and the Moose River are how Europeans, mainly French and British, first came to the region all those centuries ago.

They came to trade furs and occasionally to look for a North-West Passage to Asia.

Moosonee Photos, river and landing stage

This photo shows the river and landing stage in the evening, with everything quiet. And it is almost always quiet, this far north.

Only local people, anglers and hunters come here generally, though recently there's been more activity in the north as Ontario invests in more hydro-electric power schemes. Moosonee and Moose Factory, with their airport, are a good jumping off point for engineers and tradesfolk working on the dams.

Moosonee Photos, big canoe

To get about in the north, you need a boat. The native peoples perfected the canoe -- one of their many gifts to modern North America and the world.

Canoes in those times were made by stretching birch bark over a wooden frame to create a light, easily carried but sturdy boat. Europeans used their woodworking skills to improve the design by replacing the birch bark with thin wooden planks, which were heavier but much stronger. 

Modern canoes, however, are made of various kinds of plastics, which returns to the lightness of the original and are equally as strong as the wooden strips.

This canoe is traveling the easy way, by flatbed. 

Moosonee Photos, sealions basking on the beach

These sealions warily watched us go by in our canoe. They had no need to be concerned, they're huge and we tourists were more interested in 'bannocks' than blubber.

Bannocks are the scone or bread of this northern area, brought, no doubt, by the Scottish Hudson Bay traders centuries ago. Our guide prepared them while we hunted for fossils on Fossil Island. 

Moosonee Photos, black bear

I mentioned there are bears in the forest all around the Moosonee area and here's as close as we got to one. Unfortunately, people everywhere are not tidy enough with their garbage and that brings the bears into town, which is true even in our more urban settings too.

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