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More Ontario Animal Photos

This page is all about Ontario animal photos; i.e. animal pictures not words. Here you'll find some cute animal photos as well as some really cute animals.

I'll start with the animal that pretty well created Canada and it remains one of Canada's most enduring symbols. 

It's the beaver -- whose fur was so highly prized in the past that nations fought over the hunting rights.

Most of the French and British conflict throughout the 1700's was over fur trading and even the American Revolution or War of Independence had its roots in that unpleasant trade.

Ontario Animal Photos, beaver

Beavers were hunted to extinction in southern Ontario, living only in the north and west until fairly recently. Now, thanks to the decline in industry and the reduction in farming, beavers are once again found throughout Ontario.

Ontario Animal Photos, baby squirrels enjoying the spring sunshine

These are probably the most common animals any visitor to Ontario sees -- black and gray squirrels.

These babies were enjoying the early spring sunshine by chasing each other up and down the tree.

Ontario Animal Photos, red squirrel

Not so common, and not much bigger than the two baby black and gray squirrels above or the chipmunk below, is the red squirrel. 

Red squirrels struggle to compete against the black and grey variety but make up for their small size by being super-aggressive. A psychiatrist would say they have a 'Napoleon Complex'.

Ontario Animal Photos, chipmunk

Another common sight for Ontario vacationers is the chipmunk. People feed them so they become almost tame. This one is just checking out rubber shoes as a food source.

Chipmunks are cute and fun, possibly the friendliest wild animal on the planet; however, that makes it lunch for foxes, coyotes and wolves, photos of which you can see here. Or at the Haliburton Wolf Centre. 

Ontario Animal Photos, garter snake

A little less cuddly is this garter snake, seen in Sandbanks Provincial Park. Garter snakes are fairly common and entirely harmless, which I think makes them kind of cute.

Ontario does have a very rare venomous snake, the Massassauga Rattlesnake, but your chances of meeting one are slim to none, except maybe on the Bruce Trail where you should really be wearing hiking boots so you're protected anyhow. 

Ontario Animal Photos, midland turtle

In the spring, it's common to see turtles warming themselves in the sun. Most of them are Midland or Painted Turtles, like this one, and completely harmless.

There are some snapping turtles around, they're much bigger and more aggressive, so watch out -- though I've never actually heard of anyone being bitten by one. 

Ontario Animal Photos, cute mink

This Mink played hide-and-seek among the rocks with us all one summer afternoon.

Unfortunately for a lot of Canadian wildlife, they're endowed with fine fur coats to keep them warm in the winter.

Like the beaver and the Musk Rat, Mink were trapped for furs in the early years of European settlement. In fact, in Canada's case, these furry animals were pretty much the reason for settlement. 

Ontario Animal Photos, groundhog or woodchuck

Groundhogs, or Woodchucks, are also fairly common in Ontario but are much more shy than squirrels or chipmunks so aren't as often seen.

If you've enjoyed these Ontario animal photos, you may also be interested in our pages of Birds, Bird Photosblack bear, and moose pictures. 

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