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More Ontario Animals Photos

As with my other wildlife pages, this Ontario animals photos page is primarily about pictures rather than words. 

The page features the dog family, wolves, coyotes, and foxes but also includes other animals that can bite, such as some black bear pictures and a snapping turtle. 

I'll start with one of my favourites (but not the farmer's favourite) the coyote. Coyotes are common in southern Ontario but, being mainly nocturnal, are rarely seen -- though they can be heard howling in ravines of a night.

More Ontario Animal Photos, coyote

They are about the same size as a wolf, perhaps a little smaller, and more usually tan rather than grey. I've put all three of these wild members of the dog family together so you can see the differences. 

In Ontario, there's some evidence of wolf-coyote cross-breeding, which makes for a more worrisome predator, for some. However, the number of people attacked and killed in a year by all Canada's big predators doesn't come close to a day's worth of incident on the roads, and our roads are among the safest roads in the world. 

More Ontario Animals Photos, red fox

Foxes are much smaller than coyotes or wolves and are often killed and eaten by their bigger cousins. They are also reddish-brown, or sandy-brown in winter, with distinctive black feet. Foxes are more often seen than wolves or coyotes and are more common in cities where they pick up scraps from backyards. 

This one is a red fox. They were introduced into Ontario by British settlers centuries ago and pretty well drove out the native grey fox, which only survives in the most southern parts of southern Ontario.

More Ontario Animals Photos, gray wolves

Wolves are the rarest of Ontario's wild dogs, existing mainly in the north where there are still more of the things they like to eat, such as deer and beaver. 

More Ontario Animals Photos, black bear in a tree

Leaving the canines behind, here are more ontario animals pictures but still of the meat-eating kind.

Bears are one of those furry cuddly animals we all love as kids, think Teddy, Paddington, and Winnie the Pooh, but in real life are pretty scary. For one thing, bears are fast -- they can reach up to 35 mph on land.

For another, they climb trees really well, as this cub, taking a breather on its way to the top, demonstrates and for another... well, see next picture.

My thanks to Cailin and Colleen Peever for this one of my Ontario animals photos, taken in cottage country, near Minden 

More Ontario Animals Photos, black bear swimming

Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water, along comes a black bear out for a swim :)

This bear was crossing the North Channel by Fort Lacloche in Massey, Ontario just north of Lake Huron. My thanks to Terrie McElhone Pilon for this and the following photo of a snapping turtle. 

More Ontario Animals Photos, snapping turtle

I don't want you to think the lakes and rivers of Ontario are filled with dangerous animals but here's one that has a reputation for giving people the occasional nip.

Snapping turtles are quite big and move well in the water. It's on land they get agitated as they're slow and easily caught.

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