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Ontario Art Gallery
or Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

Ontario Art Gallery (or more properly, the Art Gallery of Ontario) is the province's premier gallery and home to a large collection of Henry Moore's work. 

Henry Moore and Toronto had a close relationship during the sculptor's life and he donated many of his pieces to the AGO. Moore lived in Britain but his work seemed to capture the spirit of the times and his art sold throughout the world.

This special relationship between Moore and Toronto even made it into song when Murray McLaughlin sang 'Down at the Henry Moore' in the Sixties.

Ontario Art Gallery and Henry Moore

Art Gallery of Ontario, Henry Moore sculpture

This sculpture may have been the one Murray had in mind. It stands at the entrance to the Art Gallery Ontario.

Inside, there's a room dedicated to Moore's work that includes the original plaster models for casting his sculptures, with notes on where around the world you'll find the bronze casts. They list a who's who of national and corporate art collections.

Many Other Exhibits

Art Gallery of Ontario entrance

I don't want to give the impression the AGO is only about Henry Moore. As you can see from this photo, it regularly hosts exhibitions of other great art from around Canada and the world.

Canadian art, old and contemporary, is represented in two large galleries, the Thomson Collection and the McLean Centre for Canadian Art. The Tohomsons also have their name on the Collection of European Art. You can also see Canadian art at the Algoma Art Gallery in Sault Ste Marie. Another two large benefactors are the Tanenbaums who provide the Centre for European Art and the Sculpture Atrium.

Photography is well represented in two rooms, with photos from days gone by from around the world, as well as recent pictures of Ontario. They have a cabinet of interesting World war photo albums also.

Prints and Drawings aren't missed with five rooms dedicated to them and another two, the Gelber Print & Drawing Study Centre, attached.

I have to put in a word about my favorite permanent exhibition, again a gift of the Thomson family, the Ship Models. These beautifully made models are either shipbuilder's models for prospective customers, or less happily, models made by prisoners-of-war in Napoleonic times. Both kinds are wonderful works of art.

Recent temporary exhibitions, other than the King Tut one shown on the photo, include comparisons between Rembrandt's and Lucien Freud's sketches.

The AGO is so big, you'll need time to visit if art interests you. The good news is there is plenty of seating and two coffe shops, one on the Concourse level and one on the fifth floor with marvellous views across the downtown core.

Art Gallery of Ontario, Henry Moore sculpture outside

Having listed all the other galleries to be found in the Art Gallery Ontario, I'll close with another view of Henry Moore's work because, despite a whole room devoted to photographs, they don't allow photography inside:)

You'll find the Ontario Art Gallery at 317 Dundas Street West at the junction with McCaul St.

Or visit their site at AGO.

AGO isn't the only ontario art gallery. There are many other fine galleries to visit, for example, the Algoma Gallery in Sault Ste. Marie, the McMichael Gallery at Kleinberg, and the McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa.

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