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More Ontario Bird Photos

More Ontario bird photos. I've added a second page to make uploading easier.

There are fewer words on this page, just names and descriptions, because it's all about the pictures.

And I've divided the page into land and water birds for easy reference. Southern Ontario is blessed by being on two migration patterns for birds.

In summer, we have a host of them come up from the south to nest in the spring and summer. 

In winter, we have a host of birds that live out the summer in the arctic come down to sit out the extreme cold by living in the only very cold wintry south:-)

Remember to click on any photo to see the larger picture!

Ontario Bird Photos -- Water Birds

Bird Photos, a bufflehead enjoys the winter sun.

To start, here's a Bufflehead enjoying an afternoon swim on a fine winter day. Buffleheads live up north during the summer and migrate to southern Ontario, and even farther, for the winter.

They're one of my favourites because they're cute, playful little birds.

Bird Photos, Great Blue Heron

Another Great Blue Heron, this one's waiting patiently for a fish or frog to pass. Herons have incredible patience.

We once passed one on a roadside that was so still we thought it was a garden ornament. However, as we returned along the road two hours later it finally pounced on a frog that had also, and unwisely, decided it was an ornament.

Bird Photos, Black-crowned Night Heron

A different kind of heron, a Black-crowned Night Heron, watches the water below for his next meal. 

Bird Photos, Common Loon

The evocative call of the Loon is so central to Canadians, it was chosen for the new dollar coin a few years back. Consequently, the coin became known as a Loonie and the later two-dollar coin as a Twonie.

Loons are found on all Ontario's lakes, almost without exception and their call does stay in your mind in a way other birdsong doesn't.

For more Ontario bird photos, visit our page of Owls or return to Birds Page 

Ontario Bird Photos - great egret in flight

Great Egrets are among the bird aristocracy, so graceful, so elegant, and head and shoulders above the rest.

You wouldn't expect such a gangly creature to be smooth and aerodynamic but in the air it's as neat and tidy as when it's poised motionless in the water hunting its meal.

Ontario Birds -- Land and Trees

Bird Photos, a sleepy Mourning Dove

This Mourning Dove looks suitably somber as it takes a nap in an Ontario park, not a healthy thing to do for a lunch sized bird when there are cats, dogs, foxes and coyotes around. 

Bird Photos, a Downy Woodpecker listens for its next meal.

A Downy Woodpecker listening for its next meal. Somewhere in the bark crevices there's a small bug and that's just right for a hungry woodpecker. 

To see these Ontario bird photos in a larger size, click on any one and a gallery will open. And each one of the bird photos in the gallery can be expanded by clicking the button in the top right corner of the photo.

Bird Photos, American Goldfinch

An American Goldfinch enjoys the summer evening sun. Goldfinches stay in Ontario all year round but only become noticeable when Spring arrives and they put on their best mating colours.

The males stay like this until fall when they revert to the same grey-brown of the females and consequently appear to 'disappear' until next year. 

Bird Photos, Gray Catbird

A Gray Catbird flitting among the branches while watching the photographer warily.

I'm not sure how often photographers eat Catbirds but this one seemed very wary of my attention. 

Bird Photos, Nuthatch

This White-breasted Nuthatch hangs upside-down as it searches the tree bark for bugs. 

Smaller than woodpeckers, nuthatches flit through Ontario's forests.

Bird Photos, rose-breasted nuthatch

Smaller than the white variety, the rose-breasted nuthatch seems to travel in family groups through the forest and calling to each other as they go. You always know when they're around, their cheerful cheeps sound all around the woods as you walk among them.

Bird Photos, Pileated Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpeckers are large woodpeckers, crow or raven-sized, that are surprisingly rarely seen, mainly because they're very quiet and keep to the northern woods during the warmer months.

Up north, they're called 'cock of the north' by the local folks.

Bird Photos, Red-tailed Hawk

This Red-Tailed Hawk is searching for the mouse that got away. You can see another view of this hawk, and others like it at our page Ontario Raptors. 

Bird Photos, Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Orioles visit Ontario each summer, adding vibrant color to orchards and feeders. This one is enjoying the apple blossoms after its long flight north.

Bird Photos, Cedar Waxwing

Waxwings are another summer visitor to Ontario. This very elegant male is in his best spring mating outfit.

Ontario Bird Photos - Canada Warbler

I really couldn't leave out a small warbler named for the country. This small unassuming bird is the Canada Warbler.

This small bird is here each summer but winters way down south -- in South America do be precise. None of this lazy stopping off in Florida like the other birds, it keeps right on going.

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