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Ontario Breakfast Chains

Ontario breakfast restaurant chains serving lighter fare, for breakfast and lunch mainly, are a mix of local companies, Canada-wide companies like Tim Hortons, and American ones like Dennys.

Ontario has many family-owned restaurants that do, or specialize in, breakfasts but, because it would be impossible to cover them all I'm only covering the restaurant chains that do breakfasts.

They're becoming more popular every year and many, if not most, now do 'all day breakfasts', which is great for travellers who are watching their money or just love to start the day with a good breakfast.

They serve great food from the days when we had time to eat a cooked breakfast. If you like bacon, sausage, ham and eggs, or pancakes and syrup, you'll have no trouble finding a place for breakfast and lunch in Ontario. Denny's is probably the most famous for this and if you're looking for a meal that will keep you full all day, this is the place to go.

Denny's probably needs no introduction as they're well established in their US home and other places around the world. Their breakfasts are big enough for dinner in the real world, which is great for me as I love breakfast foods, they're all great.

Local Ontario Breakfast Chains

One of my favorite lighter fare places, and certainly Canada's favorite, is Tim Hortons. Timmy's is so popular, Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan had an outlet over there. Tim Hortons has good coffee, good doughnuts, good muffins for breakfast and anytime of the day snacks. They also do great soup and sandwiches, or chili and bun for lunch and a light evening meal.

Breakfast chains along the same lines are the Sunrise Grill and Sunset Grill, mainly found in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and Cora's, originally from Quebec, and the Golden Griddle, an Ontario favorite for decades.

Other, smaller, Ontario based chains are:

Angel's Diner


Wimpy's Diner

Coffee and Doughnut Chains

Other Ontario coffee and doughnout chains that provide that 'quick' or 'continental' type of breakfast (and other meals), are:

McDonald's (of course), have begun focusing on their breakfast menu and do a great selection of McMuffins -- egg, bacon, sausage, cheese, and ham being the items to choose from. Not just for children anymore!

Coffee Time Donuts, a cheaper alternative to Tim Hortons and mostly found in rural areas nowadays. They do good pastries and are worth visiting when you're out of town.

Country Style Donuts has been moving upmarket in the past few years and provides great pastries and coffee. Again, they're found mainly in the rural areas nowadays.

For a more exhaustive list of breakfast restaurants, visit the Ontario Egg Farmer's website - Get Cracking.

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