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Ten Ontario Facts
...and More

Ontario Facts:

#1. Of Ontario facts is -- it's the the most populous province in Canada, with more than 13 million people in 2010. 

#2. Those people should have plenty of space to live in, the province is over a million square kilometres (over 400,000 sq miles); however, much of that area is water and even more is in the north where the land and weather make gracious living difficult. 

#3. Consequently, almost all 13 million people live in the small southern region, though that still provides lots of space for everyone.

#4. The largest city is Toronto, pictured below from the Toronto Islands on a fine summer day. 

Ontario Facts, Toronto from the islands

#5. Originally Ontario belonged to the Iroquois and Huron peoples until European diseases, and their own disastrous wars, supported by the British on the Iroquois side and the French on the side of the Hurons, reduced their numbers. 

Ontario Facts, Algonquin Park in the early morning light

#6. Native peoples still make up a small part (about 2.5%) of the population but today the largest ethnic group is those from the British Isles (English, Scots, Irish, Welsh in that order). Following them, in descending order, are Canadian, French, German, Italian and Chinese. With a host of others making up significant numbers. 

Ontario Facts, Agawa Canyon train tours

#7. Modern Ontario developed from mainly French hunting and trapping roots in the 1700's, through a largely American Loyalist and British agricultural and logging transition during the 1800's then an industrial 1900's to today's post-industrial commercial, financial and service industry based economy. It's been a fast two hundred years. 

Ontario Facts, Toronto's Buskers Fair

#8. Ontario's boundaries include Hudson's Bay in the north, Manitoba to the west, Quebec to the east and the Great Lakes and rivers to the south. Across those lakes and rivers are New York, Michigan, and Minnesota in the USA. Internally, the Province is divided into a number of smaller regions; Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario are the big divisions, the one having the land, space, and resources and the other the farms and people. The north is divided into two regions, Northeastern Ontario and Northwestern Ontario for easy management. The south, with its bigger population has four sub-divisions, Southwest, Greater Toronto Area, Central Ontario, and Southeast Ontario.

#9. One of the less well-known Ontario facts include the fact that the Province has three major climatic zones, the north is subarctic with barely warm summers and long cold but not necessarily snowy winters. The south can be split into two, southwestern Ontario, roughly west of Toronto, has hot humid summers and cold snowy winters, particularly in the lee of the great lakes. Southeastern Ontario, east of Toronto, has warm (sometimes hot) and less humid summers but cold longer winters, though without the heavy snow of the Southwest.

#10. Ontario is a fairly flat province, the highest point being only around 2300 ft (or 693 metres) at Ishpatina Ridge, Temagami in the Northeastern region. For skiers, the good news is there are reasonably high hills much farther south, for example around Blue Mountain near Collingwood. Different kinds of Ontario facts include the number of famous places and things, such as Niagara Falls, the cities of Toronto and Ottawa, and engineering marvels like the CN Tower and the St. Lawrence Seaway.

#11, 12, and 13. And finally, Ontario's official flower is the Trillium, official tree is the White Pine, and official bird is the Loon.

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