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Ontario Wildflowers Summer:
Nature's Perfume

Ontario wildflowers summer add color and scent to hot days and counterpoint red and gold fall trees with a carpet of goldenrod and purple asters.

As the spring flowers fade away, mauve and white wild phlox take their place in the wild meadows and field boundaries in great swathes of colour.

Their love of poor quality soils makes them some of the most common wildflowers you'll see in Ontario as they bloom on the sides of roads and rail tracks.

Ontario Wildflowers Summer -- phlox

Wild Phlox has more scent than the cultivated varieties and a country walk when they're in bloom is heady with the fragrance.

Ontario Wildflowers Summer -- milkweed

The best thing about milkweed can't be experienced over the web -- yet. Until they invent scratch and sniff web pages, you'll have to miss the incredible scent of the milkweed flower.

I don't know why people haven't used it to make scent, there should be fields of milkweed as far as the eye can see, like lavender in France.

Milkweed must be packed with nectar too because it's the favorite flower of Monarch butterflies.

Ontario Wildflowers Summer -- birdfoot trefoil

Birdfoot trefoil adds to summer scent but it is its vivid golden color that really makes it memorable.

When the summer sun is shining, and it shines often in Ontario, this flower positively glows.

Ontario Wildflowers Summer -- everlasting pea

Everlasting Pea is a sort of wild Sweet Pea on steroids with big richly colored blooms but without the sweet pea's wonderful scent.

Ontario Wildflowers Summer -- clover and vetch

I'm treating clover and vetch together because they grow together. In June and July, Ontario's road, rail and trail sides become swathed in gold and mauve as these two flowers replace the pastel shades of wild phlox.

Their scent is so heady it catches in your throat as you walk on country lanes.

If you enjoyed these small examples of Ontario wildflowers -summer, you may enjoy our Ontario Wildlife page or our Ontario birds page.

Ontario Wildflowers Summer - Water Flowers

Ontario Wildflowers Summer -- white waterlily

Waterlilies are common in the quieter parts of Ontario's many lakes and creeks. This is a fragrant waterlily, though you'd need a canoe to confirm it.

Following the white and cream fragrant waterlily is another beautiful lily, red this time.

Ontario Wildflowers Summer -- red waterlily

The other colour of waterlily you'll see on Ontario's watery places are these red ones. They're smaller than the white but equally striking among the waxy green leaves and dark water.

Ontario Wildflowers Summer -- marsh lily

Another lily but a marsh variety this time rather than a full-blown waterlily.

With the tiny fly coming in to land (upper right corner), the scene looks like a space station in a Star Wars re-make.

You can make the photos larger by clicking on any one of them and going through the Gallery that comes up.

Alternatively, if we've whetted your appetite for more wild flowers, visit Ontario Wild flowers.

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