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Prince Edward County Attractions

Prince Edward County attractions, beyond the beaches, wineries, and beautiful countryside, include cheese makers, antiques shops, the 'Lake on the Mountain' Provincial Park, and the Prince Edward County lavender farm.

For me, another attraction is the Glenora Ferry that carries people and vehicles back to the mainland at the eastern end of the County.

Just crossing the short distance over the lake on the ferry is fun, even the waiting in line for the next one is fun (okay, I'm easily pleased).

But the best attraction is the wineries. They're so good we gave them their own page here

Prince Edward County Lavender

Prince Edward County Attractions, the Lavender Farm

Soon after entering the County on the Loyalist Parkway from Hwy 401 near Trenton, you find the Lavender farm on Closson Rd in the western county region of Hillier. Lavender blossom around early July so that's the time to go. The farm has a Lavender Festival around that first weekend in July to promote visiting.

This isn't a big operation, a field of lavender and a small shop selling lavender products, such as honey or scents, but it is worth a stop on your tour of the County.

Lake on the Mountain

Prince Edward County Attractions, the Lake on the Mountain

Lake on the Mountain is a somewhat mysterious lake, more so to the native peoples and early pioneers than it is to us today. A lake on top of the limestone plateau that forms Price Edward County that flowed out in a waterfall down to Lake Ontario a hundred feet below but which had no visible supply of water running into it and yet its level never changed.

Today, the waterfall is gone, channelled and harnessed years ago to provide power for mills, and we understand 'water tables', acquirers and underground springs much better, so some of the mystery is lost. However, it's still a beautiful spot with a trail alongside the water and an inn nearby for whiling away an idle hour or two after your hike. The view over the Glenora Ferry too is worth the stop. Today, also, Lake of the Mountain is one of Ontario's many beautiful Provincial Parks.

Glenora Ferry

Prince Edward County Attractions, the Glenora ferry

The Glenora Ferry was originally horse-powered. Today, they're a lot less 'romantic' but still a fun thing to do. The ferries run about every 15 minutes in each direction carrying cars, motorbikes, bikes, and small trucks across the narrow strait between the County and the mainland.

I love travelling on the ferry, the loading and unloading, and the brief crossing between the two banks across Lake Ontario's sparkling waters with the wind in your hair is a pleasurable break in your tour along the Lake's northern shore. There aren't many ferries left in Ontario, most have been replaced by bridges, which are efficient but not fun. The Glenora Ferry is one of the few remaining of these marvellous old opportunities to get out and meet your fellow travellers.

More Prince Edward County attractions include...

Prince Edward County Attractions: Cheese Makers

Prince Edward County Attractions, the view

Prince Edward County's countryside produces fine wines and also many dairy farms. And much of that dairy milk goes into artisanal cheese makers, such as Black River Cheese Company near Milford and Fifth Town Artisan Cheese company near Picton.

Both these cheese makers are part of the Prince Edward County 'Taste Trail', which also incorporates restaurants, ice cream parlours, coffee houses, bakeries, and other food places. As such, they sell directly to visitors and Fifth Town also provides tours of their fine modern premises. Black river, on the other hand, has been around over a hundred years.

Maritime Museum

Prince Edward County Attractions, the Maritime Museum

Another one of the Prince Edward County attractions for spending time in quiet contemplation is the Victory Museum in Picton which covers maritime history both locally on the lakes and across the world's oceans. Named for Nelson's flagship at Trafalgar, the museum focuses on sailing ships of the distant past, which always gets my vote.

Note the Union Flag flying above the building. It may be hard to see on the photo but it isn't United Kingdom's flag of today; it's the Loyalist Flag, which doesn't include the Cross of St. Patrick as Ireland wasn't part of the UK in 1784.

For more Prince Edward County attractions, visit our pages Wineries and Sandbanks or return to Prince Edward County.

And for more ideas on things to see and do during your stay in Ontario, click on the 'Tours' links at the right. For more wineries, look into Niagara Tours.

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