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Prince Edward County and Ontario's Loyalist Parkway

Prince Edward County (known as The County locally or shown as PEC on signs) and the Loyalist Parkway commemorate the United Empire Loyalists who passed through this area, carving out the route that bears their name.

After 1784 and the partition of English-speaking North America into two camps, the New Englanders who found themselves on the wrong side of  the border headed north.

Many of them crossed the St. Lawrence River at the now Thousand Islands before heading west deeper into Ontario.

Prince Edward County, Loyalist Parkway sig

For some of the Loyalists, the trek ended here at the Thousand Islands and Prince Edward County.

They founded many of the settlements on the north shore, where their flag still flies.

For others, the British government had provided land further west and they began hacking their way through the wilderness along the north shore of Lake Ontario to their new lands.

Prince Edward County and Ontario's oldest road, Kent Portage

Today the route they created is named after them, a remembrance of their sacrifice to establish Ontario. It runs from Kingston to Trenton, passing through some of the prettiest scenery in Ontario. Small farms and villages, set among mature trees, line the route, many flying the Loyalist flag -- the Union Jack without the cross of St. Patrick (Ireland wasn't part of the Union until 1801).

Prince Edward County Attractions

Prince Edward County Arts and Taste Trail sig

Although the route includes the beaches of Sandbanks Provincial Park, and its sand sculptures, both the County and the Parkway are more about the 'comfortable' and civilized things in life, such as antiques, art, wine, and food. Bed and Breakfast places abound for visitors who wend their way through this pleasant land each summer.

Lake on The Mountain in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada

One of the region's oldest and most famous natural attractions is the Lake on the Mountain, a natural phenomena that even today isn't explained to everyone's satisfaction. The lake has no creeks or rivers flowing into it but spills water out down the cliff to Lake Ontario below. It used to flow out in a waterfall but it was channeled into pipes in the 1900's for powering a mill and it's still flowing through pipes today.

Prince Edward County's Glenora Ferry loadin

The Parkway, Ontario Highway 33, skirts the north shore of Lake Ontario, providing views of the lake and islands offshore. Along the way is the Glenora Ferry, joining two parts of the mainland, which adds some maritime excitement (but not so much excitement you should miss it:-), to your drive.

Prince Edward County's Glenora Ferry landing place.

The ferry crosses Adolphus Reach, which leads into the Bay of Quinte, and lands its cargo a few miles outside Picton, the largest town in this popular vacation region.

Picton is a fine country town and a good centre from which to explore PEC and in particular its many wineries. As well, the town has fine restaurants, heritage buildings and the Victory Maritime Museum.

Other places to visit when you're in the County, are nearby Kingston and Fort Henry.

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