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Royal Botanical Gardens Photos:
Sights for Sore Eyes!

A page of Royal Botanical Gardens Photos for those who need some stress-reducing images in their busy world. 

The botanical gardens are a great place for photographs with views, colours, shapes textures and patterns everywhere.

You're sure to find something to photograph at any time of the year with the exception of January to February, of course.

For example, these hostas, below, greet visitors leaving the tunnel and entering Hendrie Park.

Royal Botanical Gardens Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, hostas

The 'tunnel' takes you from the parking lot and shuttle bus stop under the busy road and into Hendrie Park, where most of these photos were taken.

Once through the tunnel, you're safe to wander without the fear of being run over. And you can wander, for hours if flowers and trees are your thing.

Royal Botanical Gardens Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, waterlily pool

Having passed the hostas and the ornamental pools of waterlilies, this is the view looking back to the tunnel under Plains Rd.

For more of the Royal Botanical Gardens, bee sure to also visit our page about Laking Gardens.

Laking Gardens are another part of the RBG. One that focuses on summer flowers, both annuals and perennials, so summer is the time to visit there.

Royal Botanical Gardens Photos: Colorful Waterlilies

Royal Botanical Gardens Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, white waterlily

The following images are of the many colourful waterlilies in the pools, as promised on the main RBG page.

Hendrie Park has water plants, primarily lilies, and what a display it is. Again, this is a late spring and summer garden so plan accordingly.

Royal Botanical Gardens Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, red waterlily

I'm a big fan of waterlilies, they come in so many shapes, sizes and colours that are so rich they almost look like plastic flowers. And the botanic gardens has so many varieties.

Water is very soothing to humans so maybe that's why waterlilies have appealed to so many civilizations down the centuries, particularly in places like Egypt where water is scarce.

Royal Botanical Gardens Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, waterlilies

I don't know if these are the famous Egyptian blue lotus of the Nile that appear in their wall paintings and were also the model they used for their temple columns but they look like them.

The Ancient Egyptians also considered the blue lotus an aphrodisiac and consequently almost ate them into extinction so maybe these are just cousins of those ancient plants.

Royal Botanical Gardens Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, purple waterlily

Another color variation, a purple or lilac this time.

Royal Botanical Gardens Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, peach waterlilies

With all our lakes, Ontario has a lot of native waterlilies, mainly creamy whites but golden-peach ones like these are common too.

There are more botanical gardens photos at our RBG Images page.

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