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Southern Ontario Map

Our southern Ontario map is provided by Google Inc and, like all Google maps, can be zoomed to street level and panned four ways to pick up the parts of southern Ontario that are hiding off the page.

Of Ontario's about 9 million people, you can be sure 7 million live in this part so there's too much detail for a static map to work on the page.

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Southern Ontario runs from Sarnia and Windsor in the west to Cornwall in the east, that much is easily agreed on by Ontario's inhabitants. Where it gets difficult is to the north.

Division Between Northern & Southern Ontario, Canada

 Ontario is still fairly well populated up to the Sudbury area but most Ontarians don't count that region as the south. Parry Sound too is a long way south of Sudbury and would make another good potential cut-off, the land is Canadian Shield around there but it's still within a reasonable drive from Toronto, say 3.5 hours depending on the time of day and the traffic.

Most Ontarians; however, think of a line from about Barrie to Ottawa as the dividing line. It's the edge of the Shield, with its bare rock surface and firs and birches, which have little scope for farming. Below that line most of the land can be farmed, above it not so much. It's 'the north', a land of lakes and forests, a place for active vacations like snowmobiling or huntin', shootin' n fishin' -- and, of course, fantastic photos. 

Southern Ontario Map -- Places & Things to See

Toronto skyline from Lake Ontario

Southern Ontario has all of Ontario's major cities, Toronto, Hamilton, Burlington, London, Kingston, and Oshawa. The photo shows Toronto's harbour front and skyline seen from the waters of Lake Ontario. Standing head and shoulders above the other downtown buildings is the iconic CN Tower, which is still one of the tallest buildings in the world -- a title it held for around thirty years after its construction. The white building beside it, and behind some new condos, is the cities retractable roof stadium, originally and still often called Skydome.

It also contains many of Ontario's most popular places to visit, such as, in the western end, Niagara Falls and its wineries, Canada's Wonderland, African Lion Safari, and Toronto Zoo.

And in the eastern end, Gananoque, Sandbanks, Prince Edward County and its wineries, and Ottawa, Canada's capital.

For more Ontario maps, visit our pages -- Ontario Map and Map of Toronto. 

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