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Spring Photos Ontario:
Blossoms, Flowers, and Shoots!

This page is devoted to spring photos Ontario, Canada. Life returns to the land as winter's icy grip weakens and flowers and blossoms carpet the fields and woodlots. 

As the trees blossom above, shrubs flower below. The season is brief and colorful. 

Spring Photos Ontario, purple blossoms

Ontario's woodlands and parks are filled with blossoming trees.

In particular, the Niagara region with its many orchards is a popular place to drive through at this time of year.

Spring Photos Ontario, pink blossoms

Another popular place to visit in spring, is the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton.

Their tulips and lilacs are a wonderful sight in April and May.

Spring Photos Ontario, flowering tree

Further north in southern Ontario, apple orchards take over from the cherries and peaches of Niagara.

Places to see apple blossoms include the country around CollingwoodPort Hope, and Cobourg.

Spring Photos Ontario, spring buds on the trees

Some tree blossoms are more peculiar than pretty, this one being a case in point. They look like tiny hands reaching out for passing prey.

Spring Photos Ontario, maple blossoms

Maple blossoms aren't the prettiest flowers about either but at least they have some colour and are recognizably blossoms. Unfortunately, their pollen can be irritating to the noses and eyes of those who are susceptible.

Spring Photos Ontario, trout lilies

These trout lilies are among the earliest of Ontario's woodland flowers.

Whether they're called 'trout lilies' because they come out when the trout are returning to the creeks or because their leaves have a dappled pattern like those on the trout's skin, I don't know.

Spring Photos Ontario, mayapples flower

May Apples bloom in May and the 'apple', a single round fruit, ripens through the early summer months.

They're edible when they're ripe, so I'm told, only you have to beat the squirrels to get them. 

Spring Photos Ontario, lily

Lilies, such as this one, appear in the wetlands throughout the Province. This is my favourite among my spring photos Ontario. 

Later, in summer, beautiful golden flag lilies brighten the marshes as well.

Spring Photos Ontario, woodland flowers

Smaller woodland flowers appear, almost shyly, among the dried leaves of last autumn.

Spring Photos Ontario, marsh mallows brighten the wetlands

Marsh Mallows grow anywhere the land is wet for much of the year. You find them at the sides of creeks or, as these ones are, in the many wetlands that make up so much of Ontario.

All those beavers beavering away for centuries have left us with lots of silted up ponds behind their old dams. 

Spring Photos Ontario, umbrella fern unfolding

Umbrella ferns and fiddleheads also begin to appear.

This photo is of an umbrella fern. Although we don't eat umbrella ferns, fiddleheads, the shoots of another common North American fern, are eaten as vegetables and available in many stores throughout Ontario in spring.

Steamed and buttered, they're a welcome return to fresh Ontario vegetables.

Spring Photos Ontario, woodland flower

Another small woodland flower. These star-like white blossoms hide among the dead leaves and detritus on the forest floor. 

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