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Toronto Attractions:
St Lawrence Market

St Lawrence Market is another of the many Toronto attractions and it's also one of the oldest institutions in the city, being founded in 1803.

As such, it's part of the 'Old Town Toronto 1793' network, more details here.

On the weekend, St Lawrence Market is only open Saturday and it's really busy - a great shopping experience for those who like the 'cut-and-thrust' of commerce.

The market was once also at the centre of city government. It shared its building with City Hall, something that made sense in those days but seems strange now.

St Lawrence Market South Building

St Lawrence Market, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The market has two floors in the south building, a lower floor of smaller stalls selling everything from the usual food items to New Zealand jewellery.

The lower floor is tightly packed with shoppers and stalls, which gives it a real 'hustling' feel.

St Lawrence Market interior, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The upper floor is just as busy and has larger, more established-looking, stores - if anything at a market can said to be established - selling fine foods.

Some stores have been there over a hundred years, Brown Brothers Butchers, for example.

A favourite spot for eating, and the only sit down to eat place in the hall, is the Paddington Pump, which does an excellent breakfast as well as later day meals.

St Lawrence Market buskers, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Paddington Pump also serves beer so it really is an all day sort of place, not fine dining -- just good honest food.

Lack of seating inside isn't a problem, however, there are picnic benches outside on a balcony that runs round three sides of the building. Buying a little from many stalls and retiring to eat outdoors is a pleasant a way of spending an hour on a warm Toronto day.

The Market is only open on Saturday at the weekend and it's really busy - a great shopping experience for those who like the 'cut-and-thrust' of commerce. Weekdays are best if, like me, you want to browse comfortably. Saturday is also the day the market has 'street entertainment', like this jazz band.

Market North Building

There's a north building too, just across Front Street, for smaller traders, mainly folks selling vegetables and baked goods -- things small farms can produce.

The North Building is also where you'll find the more intriguing items, things only a small grower can afford to try, curled cucumbers for example.

St Lawrence Market buskers' Fair, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto has a number of events throughout the year, summer being a particularly busy time of course, and some of those events include the Market, examples are 'Taste of the Danforth (with its host of Greek Restaurants) and the annual 'Busker's Fair', shown in this photo.

If you've enjoyed this market page, you may want to visit our page for Kensington Market.

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