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Tall Ships Gallery

Tall Ships Gallery is a collection of photos from the Toronto Waterfront Festival Sail Past.

The Toronto Waterfront Festival happens every year but the tall ships aren't always in attendance.

And some years there are only the more local vessels in the harbor.

The year we took these photos was a particularly good one for sailing ship admirers.

However, there are usually enough anniversaries of something or festivals of something else to ensure these ships return every few years. And if they aren't in Toronto, there's a good chance they're coming to a harbour near you.

Tall Ships Gallery - Festival Sail Past

Tall Ships Gallery - Toronto Sail Past

This American ship, Appledore V, was one of the smaller ships on display.

Its beautiful lines make up for anything it lacks in size, however.

Tall Ships Gallery - Toronto Sail Past

Another larger American visitor, the elegant 'Denis Sullivan'.

Tall Ships Gallery - Toronto Sail Past

Kajama, shown here, is a Toronto based sailing vessel that can be hired for cruises and events during the warmer months so, if you're on vacation with a group give the Kajama people a call.

Tall Ships Gallery - Toronto Sail Past

The Unicorn was crewed by the Sisters Under Sail, an American sail training school for young women.

Tall Ships Gallery - Toronto Sail Past

Roseway was the most distinctive ship in the Toronto Waterfront Festival Sail Past with its pinkish-brown sails and dark hull.

Tall Ships Gallery - Toronto Sail Past

The Roald Amundsen, far right in the photo to the right, was visiting from Germany, though it's named after a Norwegian explorer.

The ship following is the Europa, which is shown closer up lower down the page.

Tall Ships Gallery - Toronto Sail Past

This is the 'Pride of Baltimore II' and a beautifully turned out vessel indeed.

Two Modern Replicas -- Niagara and Bounty

Tall Ships Gallery - Toronto Sail Past

One of my two favorite ships at the Festival is this one, Niagara, a replica of a real 1812 US warship. The replica looks authentic with its simple, spartan, lines and accommodation for the crew.

Niagara was built to patrol the Great Lakes and didn't need to have much space for carrying men and their necessary food and water across oceans and far from land so it was more 'palatial' than say, the Bounty below, which was used for long sea voyages around the globe.

Tall Ships Gallery - Toronto Sail Past

My other favourite is this one. Another replica, this time of HMS Bounty of 'Mutiny on the Bounty' fame. The original Bounty was built in the late 1700's and, like Niagara, shows the less than perfect lines of ships built before modern techniques and tools began to change the appearance of sailing ships.

I was fortunate enough to see the Bounty again in St. Augustine, Florida, just before, sadly, it sank in a storm off the US Eastern Seaboard.

Largest and Final Ship on the Page

Tall Ships Gallery - Toronto Sail Past

The largest ship in the 2010 Toronto Waterfront Festival was this one, Europa, visiting from Holland.

If Tall Ships are what you seek, maybe a cruise or to take a sail training course on one of them, visit our page, Tall Ships, where you'll also see more photos of Tall Ships.

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