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Tank Museum Oshawa

Tank Museum Oshawa, in Durham Region, Ontario, is part of the Ontario Regiment's Regimental Museum. 

The present tank and other historic vehicles collection began with the purchase of nine Ferret scout cars, a popular military scout vehicle of the 1950's, 60's and 70's.

But it's the tanks people come to see nowadays and, if you visit on summer weekends, you can watch tanks in action -- a different one each week.

I attended the last 'roll past' of this year and took some video footage, which I'll share with you here.

There's one 'roll past' of all the running military vehicles each month with individual vehicles being run on the intervening weekends.

Here's Parts 1, 2 and 3 of this year's final Roll-out:

The museum's growing collection of running military vehicles is beginning to draw the crowds, as you might notice on the left side of the screen.

It's still free though they do ask for donations because it costs a fortune to refurbish and run these monsters.

Tank Museum Oshawa: World War 2

Tank Museum Oshawa, Sherman on guard

This Sherman tank stands guard at the entrance to the museum.

One of the largest tanks in the museum, the Sherman was used by Allied forces throughout WW2 and just after.

Tank Museum Oshawa, Sherman tank

They were the most produced of all the Allied tanks of the period, serving with the Canadian, US and British forces.

In fact, although a US built vehicle, the first Shermans were made for the British and Commonwealth Armies.

Tank Museum Oshawa, Chaffee light tank

This US light tank M24 Chaffee, was built by General Motors with production starting in April 1944.

A small number entered service in time to be used in Europe, seeing action at the crossing of the Rhine and the later stages of the campaign against Germany.

The Chaffee remained in service for several years, seeing action in the opening stages of the Korean War.

Tank Museum Oshawa, Centurion WW2 tank

The Centurion was a British tank used by the British and Commonwealth armies in the Second World War and into the 1950's. Sadly, because it's a rare machine these days, this one is still a static display.

The Tank Museum Oshawa is located near Oshawa airport at 1000 Stevenson Rd. North and is only open in the afternoons of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holiday Mondays of the warmer months (well May to November anyhow) because its staffed by volunteers.

Later Armored Vehicles

Tank Museum Oshawa, Abbott self-propelled gun

Not truly a 'tank' at all, the the British-built Abbott is a self-propelled gun used by artillery regiments to provide close support to the infantry.

Tank Museum Oshawa, Sheridan light tank

Designed as a light armoured reconnaissance vehicle, with a tank-sized gun, the Sheridan saw service with the US Army from 1968 to 1978 but because of problems with the gun, the Sheridan was not widely used.

Tank Museum Oshawa, Sheridan tank at speed

Here's another view of the Sheridan, at speed this time and they can really move.

There was clearly nothing wrong with the engine and transmission, whatever its other problems.

Tank Museum Oshawa, Ferret scout car

The vehicle that started the museum's vehicle section, the Ferret was a British-built armoured scout car, developed in 1949, with production from 1952 until 1971, during which time some 4500 were built.

They also saw service with 36 other countries.

Tank Museum Oshawa, M60 Patton

This M60 Patton is one of the tanks you can watch in action on summer Saturdays. If tanks or heritage vehicles are your 'thing', it's a great spot to visit.

Getting there: From Highway 401 take the Stevenson exit and travel north to the Oshawa Municipal Airport. Immediately before the airport on the left is the museum, near the airport's own Air Museum. Parking for the museum is free immediately outside the entrance. This isn't a big place so you haven't far to walk even on busy days.

Admission is only about $5 for adults and less for veterans and children over 12. Younger children are free.

For exactly what is on show and when, visit the museum's website here.

Or return to Oshawa or Durham Region.

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