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Toronto Newspapers:
Globe, Star and Sun

Our Toronto newspapers page provides information and links to keep, or bring you, up-to-date on all things Toronto, Ontario, and Canada. It also provides links, near the bottom, to our pages for each one of the major Toronto papers.

There are other papers, such as the National Post and the free daily paper the Metro, which can be found in so many of the world's major cities, as well as local papers like the Scarborough Mirror. Our page will focus on the big three for now.

Possibly the oldest of the three is the Globe and Mail,tracing its history back to 1844. It has branched out across Canada and often advertises itself as 'Canada's newspaper'. A position the National Post is challenging.

The Globe aims for a centre of the road editorial position and, with its large 'business' and 'lifestyle' sections, it appeals to businessmen, managerial and professional, as well as urban folks. This is Canada's equivalent of 'The Times' in the UK or the 'New York Times' in the USA.

The largest circulation of the three is the Toronto Star, though it is almost totally sold in Ontario. It follows a liberal, metropolitan, just left of centre, path that leans heavily on causes both near and far.

The Star is also a broadsheet with many large section, including business, lifestyle, motoring, etc. If anything it's even heavier than the Globe and requires a lot of time for reading thoroughly. However, it does cover Canadian news in depth and international news well.

The youngest of the three, though it builds on the foundation of an earlier paper, is the Sun. It's Toronto's tabloid paper, with all that entails -- a loud style, bikini-clad Sunshine Girls, and lots of ads. If you like your news sensational, right-of-centre, and loud, this is the one for you. It also boasts the largest and most inclusive sports section. Being more manageable and most sports-centred makes it the paper of choice for commuters. For visitors, it's probably too light on international news to be useful.

For ideas on things to see and do in and around Toronto after you've finished reading the paper, click on the 'Tours' links below and to the right.

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