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Canadian Warplane Museum Images: WW2 On

More Canadian Warplane Museum images, this time featuring some of the many jet fighters in the collection.

Visitors to the museum in Hamilton are greeted by this model of one of the shortest-lived planes in Canadian history -- the Avro Arrow.

The Arrow is famous for having been streets ahead of its competitors but cancelled and scrapped by the government who went on to buy a number of foreign and less capable products.

Sadly, too many other Western governments also took this shortsighted view of their own industries' products.

Canadian Warplane Museum, Avro Arrow model

The Arrow design team headed south and joined NASA, where they helped put a man on the moon.

Sadly, this Arrow is a only a model -- all the real ones were destroyed by their 'friends' and not by their foes.

Warplane Museum Images: WW2

Canadian Warplane Museum, B25 Mitchell bomber

This is the museum's B25 Mitchell bomber from World War 2. B25's were made famous in the Doolittle raid on Japan.

This one, however, is painted in D-Day colors of white stripes across the wings and around the fuselage.

Canadian Warplane Museum, Douglas DC3

Another famous WW2 veteran, the Douglas DC3 or Dakota, was used for dropping paratroops and supplies behind enemy lines.

This is probably the only aircraft from that era to be still in regular use today ferrying freight in many parts of the world, particularly in harsh environments such as the Canadian north or tropical jungle areas where their ability to land on surfaces other than concrete or asphalt is a real advantage.

Museum Images: Jets

Canadian Warplane Museum, Voodoo

I promised some images of jet fighters and here's one of the classiest, the McDonnell Voodoo.

And even if it wasn't the best fighter of its day, it had the best name of all of them!

Canadian Warplane Museum,  CF5 Freedom Fighter

Another attractive jet fighter is this Canadair-built Northrop CF5 Freedom Fighter.

Designed as a simple, relatively cheap but effective fighter, it served with the Canadian Armed Forces in the 70's and 80's.

Canadian Warplane Museum, starfighter

A colorful 'Tiger Squadron' Lockheed Starfighter rounds out this page.

Starfighters saw service with many NATO airforces during the Sixties as an interceptor -- designed to counter the Soviet bomber threat.

Unfortunately, they were notoriously difficult to fly and were often called 'widowmakers' rather than starfighters.

You may recognize this as the same type that's pointing dramatically skyward at the entrance to the museum.

To see what's new at the Museum today, visit their site here.

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