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Warplane Museum Photos

A page dedicated to warplane museum photos from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, to be precise -- the images there was no space for on the Museum page.

In keeping with my picture theme, I won't say much about the planes; I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

I've divided the photos into planes that were built around the time of the change from propeller to jet propulsion and planes that were clearly pre-jet age.

The museum is a place you can spend all day in if you're an aircraft or history enthusiast, as I am so be warned -- visiting it is addictive.

Canadian Warplane Museum Photos -- Propeller to Jet

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, CF-100 and Hurricane

This first picture includes Canada's own CF100 jet fighter and that unsung hero of the Battle of Britain -- the Hawker Hurricane, pushed out of the limelight by the more glamorous Spitfire. It was equally as effective as a fighter but just not pretty enough for the movies!

Sandwiched between the two in yellow livery is a Chipmunk trainer, a standard training plane for many air forces in the Fifties and Sixties.

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Sabre jet

A later jet than the CF100, the Sabre (or Saber depending on where you come from), was the mainstay of the Canadian (and many other Western country's) Air Force during the mid-1950's.

They saw service in the Korean war dogfighting with Russian-built Mig-15's.

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Sea Fury

A propeller driven fighter that lasted into the jet age as an aircraft carrier launched weapon, when Canada still had aircraft carriers, is the Sea Fury. The Sea Fury was a Hawker-built aircraft following from the successful Hurricane, Typhoon and Tempest and before the equally successful Hunter, Harrier and Hawk jets.

Sea Furies have gone on to become popular air racing machines, serving long after their military role ended.

This one is being serviced by volunteers from the Museum's large contingent of willing helpers.

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Vampire

One of the jet planes that took over from the Sea Fury on the decks of Canada's carriers was the Vampire -- or Sea Venom when modified as a carrier plane.

The Vampire/Venom plane was an early jet and this unusual layout has not continued into the modern age.

Propeller Flight

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Lysander

Returning to the days of propellers, the Lysander is an unusual plane designed for short take-off and landing to provide reconnaissance support to the army but put to use more famously for delivering and recovering spies behind enemy lines.

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Sopwith Pup

Even further back in the propeller age than the Lysander is this WW1 Sopwith Pup, forerunner to the more famous Camel -- the plane Snoopy flies, if you're Peanuts fan.

You can see more photos at our Warplane Images page.

A day out at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is the perfect way to enjoy a significant part of Canada's history. And it's close to other attractions like the Royal Botanical Gardens and Niagara.

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