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Our Weather in Toronto page tells you what to expect when you visit, as well as what the weather is like today and tomorrow (see plaque above). 

Toronto's weather has quite a range, with temperatures falling from as high as 27+°C in summer to as low as -25°C in winter and humidity going from bone-dry in the depths of winter to sweat wet in the height of summer.

While the weather is still excellent in May-June and September-October, these are months when the weather is changing and we get a lot of thunderstorms accompanied by heavy rain so bring an umbrella and rainwear.

Winter (January-February-March)

Average daily temperatures for the winter months are;

January = -4.2°C, which is about -1°C high for the day and about -7°C at night

February = -3.2°C, or about 0°C in the daytime and -6°C at night

March = 1.3°C, or daytime about 5°C and night time about-2°C

Precipitation, which can be snow or rain in the winter months, ranges from about 61 mm for the month of January, 51 mm in February, and back up to 66 mm in March.

As you’d expect in Canada, and weather in Toronto, winter plays a big part in Toronto life, from the Santa Claus Parade in November, the ice sculptures and outdoor skating rink at Nathan Phillips Square starting around New Year, to the underground city linking all the downtown buildings by passageways and shopping plazas.

The underground city keeps Torontonians away from winter’s icy blast and, at around 27 kilometres of corridors, is so big it has to have its own street map -- PATH. Underground tunnels may not sound enticing but these are bright and airy, more upscale mall than earthy burrow.

Spring (April-May-June)

Average daily temperatures in the spring are:

April =7°C, made up of daytime average of 11°C and night time around 4°C

May= 14°C, made up of daytime 18°C and night time around 10°C

June = 19°C, made up of daytime 24°C and night time around 15°C

Precipitation, which can still include some snow in April and May, is between 70 and 73 mm for all three months.

Summer (July-August-September)

Summer in Toronto is the time to visit the islands (Toronto islands, that is). The islands are a mixture of public and private, some still have private homes on them, one has the downtown airport and one has Centreville, an amusement park for smaller children. Most islands are available for walking, rollerblading, or cycling (bikes can be rented on the islands) throughout the warmer, summer, months. Ferries to the islands run every few minutes from the foot of Toronto’s main north-south road, Yonge Street.

Another way to visit the island is on a Toronto Harbour Cruise. Also in summer are the outdoor events like the Downtown Jazz Festival and the Beaches Jazz Festival where all that's good in jazz, local and international, comes to entertain.

Other big outdoor events are Caribana, a celebration of Caribbean life, put on in July by the many thousands of Torontonians whose heritage is from the Caribbean islands. The Caribana Parade through the city downtown streets is probably the most colorful of Toronto's events, though it has some strong rivals in the annual Santa Claus Parade in November and the annual Pride Parade in June.

Helping all these activities and events be the fun they are is the weather in Toronto with average daily temperatures of:

July = 22°C, made up of a daytime average of 26°C and night time around 18°C

August = 21°C, made up of daytime average of 25°C and night time around 17°C

September = 17°C, made up of daytime average of 21°C and night time around 13°C

While Precipitation ranges from a respectable 67 mm in July up to 80 and 83 mm in August and September.

Autumn/Fall (October-November-December)

weather in Toronto, fall colors on city streets

In and around Toronto, Fall Colors linger on city streets and parks well into November. Even the temperature stays reasonable before plunging to freezing in December, setting the stage for winter.

Average daily temperatures in the Fall are:

October = 10°C, made up of a daytime average of 14°C and night time around 7°C

November = 5°C, made up of daytime average of 7°C and night time around 2°C

December = -1°C, made up of daytime average of 2°C and night time around -3°C

with Precipitation a pleasant 65 mm in October rising to 76 mm in November and back down to 71mm in December.

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