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Ontario Wildlife Photos:
Big Animals or Small, I Love Them All

This page is dedicated to Ontario wildlife photos so there won’t be a lot of words. We’ll add to the photos as often as we can to keep your interest.

I’m not making promises on the frequency because I learned from Grand Cayman Wanderer how hard it is to keep to a schedule.

AS well, it is hard to get good new photos because wildlife keeps away from humans and, even when you see something, it rarely stays around long enough to be photographed. So, when you're visiting, be sure to have your camera with you at all times and be ready to take that amazing nature picture!

Ontario Wildlife Photos -- Land Animals

Wildlife Photos, White-tailed deer

Ontario’s really big animals, like bearswolves, and moose, wisely live in the north, far away from people, though there is the occasional stray into southern parts. 

Smaller animals, like this white-tailed deer and foxes, share Ontario's cities with people, particularly at night in the greener areas, and are often seen during the commute to and, in winter, from work. 

Wildlife Photos, Raccoon

Even smaller animals, like squirrels and raccoons, are pretty well adapted to urban life and can be a nuisance if they get to up close and personal. Wildlife catchers make a good living in Ontario.

Migratory birds move back and forth through Ontario, heading up to the arctic in summer and back down to Florida when autumn rolls round. A bit like human Canadians, in fact. Point Pelee, projecting well into Lake Erie, is a well-known birdwatching location in spring and fall. See our Ontario Birds page. and our Bird Photos page. 

Wildlife Photos, Monarch butterfly in Ontario

Another migratory species to look out for is the Monarch butterfly. They spend the summer in Ontario before heading back south to Mexico when September’s cooler days and nights chill them. Canada to Mexico is quite a flight for a butterfly; it used to be some kind of world record but I read recently, on the Internet, there are dragonflies that fly from India to Africa, which is a tad farther. 

Ontario Wildlife Photos -- Water Creatures

Wildlife Photos, Carp in Ontario

Less obvious ‘migratory’ species are lake trout, lake salmon and carp, which swim up Ontario's rivers and creeks to spawn when the winter ice melts. These fish, like the lake trout and salmon are BIG but not very popular with anglers as they aren't particularly good eating.

Wildlife Photos, Musk-rats in Ontario

Another animal that drove the fur trade, the musk rat. These cute little creatures inhabit most of the wetlands around Ontario and seem to be making something of a come back even in the more populated south.

To see larger versions of the photos on the page, click on any one and a 'gallery' will open up. And to see an even bigger version, click on the button in the top right corner of the gallery photos -- if there is one. Some photos don't go any bigger.

For more Ontario wildlife photos, visit our animal photos, more Ontario animals photosowl pictures, or raptors pages.

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